Prosecutors: Domestic murder
case strong, indictment pending

By Daniel Silliman


A 38-year-old man, accused of stabbing his wife to death, will face indictment long before the defense attorney's requested psychological tests are completed, a prosecutor said.

Demetrio Patricio Rose, a Panamanian native living in Ellenwood, did not sign a document waiving his probable cause hearing in Clayton County Magistrate Court, Tuesday afternoon, after his defense attorney said Rose may not be mentally fit to assent to the waiver.

Lloyd Matthews, representing Rose, said his client needs to undergo tests, to see if he is suffering from psychological damage due to his time in the military. Rose told Matthews that he doesn't remember anything about the night his wife was stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife, after she called 911.

According to Rose's in-laws, however, he was in Iraq as a contractor and not a soldier, and there is no justification for the stabbing of Ani Hacardyan Rose.

Prosecutors agree, saying an insanity defense is a last resort, because the case against the Panamanian is "a slam dunk."

"He was not howling at the moon when police arrived," said John Turner, executive assistant district attorney. "We're going to indict this way before any tests are done."

Ani Rose, a 36-year-old German native, who met and married Demetrio Rose in Germany, called 911 on Sept. 17, when she returned to the estranged couple's Ellenwood home, and found Demetrio there.

The two were in the middle of a divorce and Ani Rose had filed fora protective order against her husband, though the order was rejected by a judge. She had filed an appeal, which was scheduled to be heard this week.

When Clayton County Police arrived, on Sept. 17, Ani Rose had been stabbed multiple times in the back and the couple's two daughters, ages 9 and 14, had locked themselves into a bedroom.

Demetrio Rose called 911, telling the operator that his wife needed an ambulance, police said. He met police at the door of the home, with blood on his pants, and allegedly admitted he stabbed his wife and asked for an ambulance.

Police reported they saw bloody footprints, in the home, and found a blood-covered kitchen knife in the sink.

The evidence pointing toward Demetrio Rose is substantial, Turner said.

"Factually, this case is a slam dunk," he said. "He called the police, he admitted to stabbing her, there was blood on him, the knife was in the sink. When you've got that kind of evidence, the only defense you've got is insanity."

Turner is waiting for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to finish the autopsy, but he said he expects to bring the case against Demetrio Rose to a grand jury soon.

A bond has not yet been set.