Imagine if Joe Torre returned to the Braves?

It's funny how the Cleveland Indians won the series, but all the talk is about the New York Yankees.

But that's how things are in baseball. Regardless of where you go, or who you root for, the Yankees have and always will grab headlines.

In the aftermath of their early exit, the winds of controversy swirl through the Bronx surrounding Joe Torre's future with the club as manager.

Torre has been in pinstripes for 12 seasons, all of which included playoff berths, with four World Series titles and six pennants, while managing inside the biggest fish bowl on the planet.

However, his team's recent failures have led to an uncertainty in his job security.

Well that's life in the Big Apple, especially when you're working in the dugout for the most prestigious franchise in American sports.

Luckily for Braves' manager Bobby Cox, his employers and the die-hard fans aren't as demanding as they are in New York.

Cox has led Atlanta to 14-straight divisional titles, five pennants with only one world championship, yet year-after-year he never has to look over his shoulder to wonder if John Schuerholz will walk into his office with a pink slip.

But imagine if the Yankees decided to part ways with Torre, or he left on his own terms, would it be too far-fetched of an idea to dismiss Cox and offer the job to Torre?

During the past two Octobers, Joe Torre has had to watch his back to see if the anvil will fall, while Bobby Cox sits at home watching the games on TV.

The Yankees get booed in every visiting city, especially here in the ATL, however, Torre was always good for a handsome cheer whether it was at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium or Turner Field.

He spent two years here as a player alongside Hank Aaron in the 1960s.

He also served as a manager for two seasons during the rough years in the 1980s when Dale Murphy was the lone attraction to bring fans to the ballpark.

Although Cox's numbers are Hall of Fame worthy, his record in October pales in comparison to Torre.

Torre has four championship rings to Cox's one, including beating him in the 1996 and 1999 World Series.

He also holds an eight-game winning streak in the World Series over Cox, highlighted by New York's sweep in 1999.

As a loyal Mets fan, who is still numb after their horrific September collapse, farbeit from me to give any advice to help the Braves.

However, if some of my fellow New Yorkers think it's time for a change and a new voice of leadership with the Yankees, what do you think is needed in the Braves clubhouse?

The stoic demeaner of Torre would be a welcoming sign of relief from the ranting and record-breaking ejections you get with Cox.

If I'm the Braves and Torre is available, I'm secretly asking if he's interested in coming here where there's a quality roster already in place and job security is a non-issue.

Torre replaced Cox once before.

They say anything is possible, so he could do it again.

Rory Sharrock is a sports writer for the Clayton News Daily and Henry Daily Herald. He can be reached at rsharrock@news-daily.com.