Police seeking information about shooting suspect

By Curt Yeomans


The Clayton County Police Department is looking for a person of interest in the death of Edward Bernard Mills, 17, also known as "Booman."

Mills, whose home address was not listed on the police report, was shot once in his chest by an unknown assailant around 2 p.m., on Sunday. He was found unresponsive, with a weak pulse, in the breezeway of Building M at the Williamsburg South Apartments, 240 Flint River Rd., in Jonesboro.

Officer M.J. Bryson, who was driving by the apartment complex in his police cruiser, was the first responder. He spotted several people from the building trying to flag him down.

When Bryson got to the breezeway, Mills was lying face down with a pool of blood at left side. A small amount of blood was found on a wooden fence next to the breezeway. Bryson spoke with a female witness, who claimed she had been sitting with Mills, and another, unidentified, person in front of Building F of the complex shortly before Mills was shot.

The witness told Bryson that a six-foot, one-inch tall, light-skinned, black male approached the trio. According to the witness, the light-skinned man was wearing a black scarf and T-shirt, with blonde twists of hair hanging down from underneath his scarf. The witness also told Bryson the light-skinned, black male was wearing blue jeans and either a green or blue jacket.

Mills began to walk away from the area, but the black male began to follow him toward Building M, according to the witness. The witness then heard three or four shots, and found Mills lying on the ground, when she decided to check on him, the police report said. The alleged gunman was then seen jumping a fence behind 198 Drury Rd., by another witness, according to police.

Mills was transported to Southern Regional Medical Center, where he later died from his wound. Bryson said in his report that he conducted a search of the area, and found a plastic bag with dollar signs on it between buildings M, and N. The bag contained marijuana, and was placed into evidence.

Although the report identified a light-skinned, black male as possibly having some information, a press release from the police department listed a person with a different description as being a "person of interest." The press release said the police are looking for a dark-skinned, black male, five-feet, six-inches in height and weighing between 150 and 160 pounds, who was seen running from the area when the shooting occurred.

Sergeant Rebecca Brown, a spokesperson for the department, said the discrepancy exists because the description of the suspect is continually changing as more witnesses are interviewed

Brown said the descriptions of the suspect's complexion currently range from light-skinned, to medium-skinned, to dark-skinned black. A composite drawing of the suspect is expected to be created on Tuesday.

Anyone who has information about the shooting is urged to call Detective Thomas Martin at (770)477-3635.