Deadline approaches for students with disabilities program

By Curt Yeomans


Parents have until Monday, Oct. 22, to sign up for the Clayton County School System's students with disabilities training activity, or they won't be able to participate in the program.

The training session is geared to help parents learn how to cope with their child's disability. Interested parents will learn about the support services offered by the school system. They also will learn about the Special Needs Scholarship Program, and participate in a special-education, parent-satisfaction questionnaire.

The training session will take place from 10 a.m., to 1 p.m., on Saturday, Oct. 27, in the cafeteria of the Eula Ponds Perry Center, 137 Spring St., Jonesboro. Child care will be provided by the school system. Monday's session is the second offered by the system this year. The first took place on Sept. 22.

The training sessions are free, said Charles White, a spokesman for the school system. School officials associated with the training program were unavailable for comment on Tuesday.

The Special Needs Scholarship Program was created by the Georgia Legislature earlier this year. It allows a parent to remove his or her child from the school he or she is assigned to, and place the student in either another public school or an approved private school. Students are eligible for the program, if they meet the following criteria:

· The student's parent has been a resident of Georgia for the last 12 months.

· The student was enrolled in a Georgia public school during the previous school year, and was in attendance on the October and March dates when the Full Time Equivalency counts were done for his or her school.

· An Individualized Education Program (IEP) report was written about the student, by the school, during the previous school year.

· The student is enrolled in an approved private school by the application deadline, which was Sept. 21 for the 2007-08 school year.

To find out more about the training session, or to sign up for it, contact Tamera Foley, or Brenda Keegan at (404)362-3810. To sign up for the child care services, contact Shona Wright at the same number.