Lord wins Forest Park run-off, Wilson requests recount

By Curt Yeomans


Linda Lord won a close run-off election to serve the last two and a half months of her late husband's term as the Ward 5 representative on the Forest Park City Council.

However, the man Lord defeated wants a recount.

Vote totals had Lord tallying 95 votes to defeat Avery Wilson, who tallied 89 votes in a special election run-off Tuesday to find a replacement for the late, Wes Lord, who died in early June.

Wilson has asked John Parker, the city manager of Forest Park, for a recount, since the results of the run-off were so close. He said he beieves there were discrepancies in the election that need to be addressed.

"Enough is enough," Wilson said.

Wilson said Tuesday night he was preparing a press release discussing the issues prompting him to request the recount. He said he did not want to discuss those issues until the press release was issued.

"I trust the system and the people counting the ballots. I trust they were doing the right thing and I trust the recount will show the same results," said Linda Lord, when told of the request for a recount.

Lord's death came six days before it would have been legal for the council to continue working without replacing him. Wes Lord would have been up for re-election in a general election on Nov. 6. Parker said his widow will sit on the council through the end of December, if the recount confirms her election.

"It feels great to win this election," said council member-elect, Lord, who was celebrating the result at her home with friends.

"We just made the comment that my husband is probably clapping in heaven right now. He'd be really happy that I won the election. Now, we have to go out and win the next four years."

Roy Lunsford has registered to challenge Lord in the general election.