Shot twice in face, man is in stable condition

By Daniel Silliman


An 18-year-old was still in critical condition, two days after he was shot twice in the face, but he was said to be stable.

Clayton County Police identified the man as Benjamin Smith III, Wednesday.

Smith was found lying face-down, in a wooded area behind 6998 Raleigh Court, in Jonesboro, early Monday morning.

According to a Clayton County Police report, Smith was shot once in front of his left ear, with the bullet exiting through his left cheek. He'd been shot a second time in the forehead, with the bullet entering near his left eyebrow and exiting near his right eyebrow.

When Clayton County Fire Department medics arrived on the scene, a little before 1 a.m., on Monday, the man allegedly told them he was 18, and said he was "a meth user, but had not used any meth on this particular evening," the report said.

He wasn't able to talk much before the medics put him into an incubator, but he did say he had been "shot a lot by a black dude."

Police found no identification on the young man. They found no drugs or weapons at the scene. He was wearing blue jeans, a dark blue sweatshirt and black shoes.

Police found .40-caliber shell casings, at the scene, and canvassed the area for witnesses.

The shooting victim was rushed to Southern Regional Medical Center, and flown to Atlanta Medical Center. He was put in the intensive care unit under the name "John Doe."

After fingerprints were taken, police identified the Forest Park resident.

On Wednesday, Smith remained in the intensive care unit at Atlanta Medical Center, but was reportedly in stable condition. The police investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information about Smith or the shooting, is asked to call Clayton County Police at (770) 473-5400.