News for Tuesday, October 30, 2007


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I might be a monster - Daniel Silliman

I heard there are three brothers left. There were four, but one died, and now the remaining three live in New Jersey, or Connecticut -- one of those odd-shaped Eastern states -- where they have vowed to never have children.

SBA drought loans available in Georgia

Special to the Henry Daily Herald

Debate is good for our system - Lee Hamilton

We certainly have a quarrelsome Congress. In recent weeks, its members have been arguing about funding children's health insurance, whether to assert that the Turks committed World War I-era genocide against the Armenians, and what sort of energy policy should guide the nation.

Agency makes Rex home a model for weatherization

By Joel Hall

Two Clayton State projects on list of USG priorities

By Curt Yeomans

Mistrial caused by witness in domestic murder case

By Daniel Silliman

"Quality of Life" task force strikes trailer parks

By Daniel Silliman

Fund-raiser aids school, education services provider

By Curt Yeomans

Obituaries 10-30-2007

Mr. Kenneth Elton Cornell, Jr., age 79, of Locust Grove, passed away Oct. 29, 2007. Mr. Cornell was born in Mountain View, Ga., to the late Kenneth Elton Cornell, Sr. and Jessie Gaddis Cornell. Mr. Cornell's sister, Linda DeLong, also preceded him in death.