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Character in sport and religion - Johnny Jackson

As the skies grow darker and the days shorter, the consummate sports fanatic can rejoice in his or her primal urge to get more of what they love.

Airport's new health clinic designed for quick service

By Daniel Silliman

Obituaries 09-18-07

Al Hudgins

Panthers double-teamed by two Bulldog teams

By Rory Sharrock

The world embraces American humor as we rebuke it - Curt Yeomans

There's a certain irony in Paramount Pictures' decision that G.I. Joe needs to appeal more to an international audience than a domestic one.

Investigators still seeking arsonist in deadly motel fire

By Daniel Silliman

Obituaries 09-13-07

Rebecca Ruth Graves

Jena Six: A 1960s example of racism in 2007 - Jaya Franklin

I often hear people say that racism is behind us. Some people feel that it is done and over with.

Obituaries 09-01-07

Patricia Ann Raleigh

Obituaries 9-17-2007

9-17-2007 Obituaries

Theater professor wins community service award

By Joel Hall

The curiosity of brains in a jar - Daniel Silliman

John Wayne Gacy's brain is in a Chicago basement.

Summer sun a danger to family pets

By Joel Hall

9-3-2007 Obituaries

Melvin Lee Ballard

Pride in clothing lacking in younger generation - Johnny Jackson

They wore double-breasted suits whenever they could. They wore hats and removed them as they entered buildings and greeted ladies, young and old.

Ward 5 election produces Forest Park runoff

By Joel Hall

Obituaries 09-8/9-07

Mr. Robbie Hancock Dec. 8, 1950 - Sept. 6, 2007

Lady Cards serve up another sweep in Jonesboro

By Rory Sharrock

Why the Emmys made me sad - Jason A. Smith

I've always liked watching awards shows. Whether it's the Emmys, the Academy Awards, or the Grammys, I enjoy finding out who won what.

9-4-2007 Obituaries

Frankie Fay Sears

Sea Monkey Manor - Joel Hall

When I took my summer vacation during the last week of August, I was more than ready.

Burned, dumped girl identified through dental records

By Daniel Silliman

Clayton cop arrested in child predator sting

Clayton cop arrested in child predator sting

Redevelopment powers law passes in Riverdale

By Joel Hall

Defense leads North Clayton over Forest Park at Tara

By Phil Albert

Lovejoy just can't catch up to Starks; Mundy's Mill

By Rory Sharrock

Let's play some football!

Last Saturday afternoon I did a perfect imitation of a couch potato.

Three arrested for hanging mannequin on I-75

By Jason A. Smith

High School is your practice field - Denese Rodgers

I was bad at math in school. I mean, really bad. I managed to graduate, and to pass enough of the SAT to get into college (barely.)

Obituaries 09-14-07

L.C. Cogman

'I never really thought about quitting'

By Daniel Silliman

Local teen artist wins prestigious award

By Joel Hall

Woman killed after two years of reported domestic violence

By Daniel Silliman

They all fall down - Daniel Silliman

I heard about it in a hush: scandal, disgrace, fallen leaders.

Jonesboro falls

By Doug Gorman

Obituaries 09-05-07

Carol Jeannette Campbell (Camp)

Obituaries 09-06-07

Obituaries 09-06-07

Debate coach is Clayton's 'Teacher of the Year'

By Curt Yeomans

Mazie Williams still hopping' after 100 years

By Curt Yeomans

Truck farmer looks back on 60 years of growing

By Jason A. Smith

G.I. Joe, the latest victim of political correctness - Jason Smith

When I was little, I played with my share of action figures. Whether they were from "Star Wars," "Transformers" or even "The Dukes of Hazzard," action figures were a prominent feature on the shelves and the floor of my room.