Burned, dumped girl identified through dental records

By Daniel Silliman


The teenage girl found murdered, burned and dumped in the woods off of Freeman Road has been identified, Clayton County Police said.

She is Jennifer Lee Chambers, a 17-year-old from Jonesboro.

She was identified through dental records, police said.

She was wearing a red tank top and size-three jeans, when she was killed. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's medical examiners, she weighed about 100 pounds, was five-feet, four-inches tall, and had straight brown hair.

Chambers' body was badly burned when an off-duty officer smelled the decaying body and followed the smell down a small utility road, finding her about 30 feet from the busy road, in the heavily wooded area, on Sept. 5.

She had been killed before she was burned, police said. The burned ground, around her small body, however, plainly showed someone had set the fire at that spot.

Chamber's body was partially covered with a multi-colored poncho, and police believe her killer knew the area around Shamrock Lake.

Police have not yet named a suspect in the murder.

"The biggest challenge was identifying her," said Detective Steve Rotella. "We've done that and she's a local girl, born and raised. We're working the case to give the family closure. That's what they deserve."

Rotella and other Clayton County detectives are working with the girl's family and friends, trying to determine who she was with and what she was doing in the weeks leading up to her death.

Detectives are not releasing the cause of death, Deputy Chief Tim Robinson said. The body did not show signs of sexual trauma.

The initial results of the autopsy did not determine how long the girl had been dead, before she was found by the off-duty officer.

Police are asking Chambers' friends and acquaintances to call with information about who she was associating with and what she was doing, in the weeks before her death. Rotella can be reached at (770) 477-3624.