Let's play some football!

Last Saturday afternoon I did a perfect imitation of a couch potato.

After all, that's what you do on Saturdays during the college football season when you love the game like I do.

So, from the time the Virginia Tech game kicked off just after noon, for the next 12 hours or so, I sat glued to the television, channel surfing from game to game.

Virginia Tech certainly didn't look like a team ready to contend for a national title Saturday as it struggled to beat East Carolina, and they sure need to play better this weekend when they travel to enemy territory known as LSU, but it was just nice to see football being played on the campus again. Their students, alumni and fans deserved something to get their minds off of last spring's mass murders, and there is nothing better in the fall than college football to lift the spirits of a depressed college community.

At least for a few hours, I think we were all Hokie fans.

Then there was the shock that reverberated around the world as Appalachian State pulled off the impossible by beating the mighty Michigan Wolverines.

Simply put, the Mountaineers refused to be the sacrificial lamb on Saturday. Somebody forgot to tell them that they were only there to collect a big paycheck and go home.

With back-to-back national titles, the Mountaineers are not your typical Division I-AA football team, but even they aren't supposed to play with the big boys at a place like Michigan.

It makes me dread the Sept. 29 battle between Appalachian State, and my alma mater, Elon University in a Southern Conference battle.

Elon has never managed to play well against the conference heavyweights and I don't expect it to change this time around.

Then again, I can always hope.

The game I sat glued to more than any other last week was the Georgia Tech contest against Notre Dame.

It was great to see Tech run roughshod over the Fighting Irish. It was better to see the young men from the Southern Crescent step up and deliver the knockout punch against a stunned Notre Dame squad.

Former Lovejoy great Tashard Choice might still be gurning up yardage had he not been pulled from the game after running for 196 yards and two TDs.

Jonesboro graduates Jamal Lewis and Darrell Robertson helped keep the Irish offense at bay. The Yellow Jacket seniors led the team in tackles, and helped hold Notre Dame to negative yardage. But the most excited part of Tech's victory at historic Notre Dame was the way true freshman Morgan Burnett played. Burnett's first college game ever was one to remember as the former North Clayton standout collected six tackles.

Georgia fans should be thrilled with the way the Bulldogs played after their 35-14 victory against Oklahoma State. Matthew Stafford looks like he is coming into his own after going 18-of-24 for 234 yards and two touchdowns. The sophomore is only going to get better as the year goes on. Running back Thomas Brown, who scored two first-quarter touchdowns, may be ready to step it up for the Bulldogs too.

The good thing about it all is the season is just getting started.

So football fans may want to strap themselves in, because if the first week is any indication, it's going to be a thrilling time on the old gridiron.

Doug Gorman is sports editor of the Clayton News-Daily and Henry Daily Herald. He can be reached at dgorman@news-daily.com.