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Pets of the Week - September 27, 2007

Spot is a 10 year old Catahoula mix.  She has been spayed and all vaccinations are current.  Spot is a very SPECIAL dog at the CCHS shelter.  Many years ago, Spot wandered out onto the field at Atlanta Stadium, right in the middle of a Braves game.  A police officer managed to catch her, but immediately realizing what a great dog she was, he contacted CCHS and asked for help with her.  Spot spent several years at the shelter, and finally, what seemed to be the perfect home appeared, and Spot was adopted.  Unfortunately, several years later, a new husband entered the picture and refused to allow the family to keep their dog.  Sadly, Spot had to come back to the CCHS shelter to live.  Being torn from her family and coming back to the frantic environment of the shelter was hard on Spot, but she seems to have finally settled back into the routine.  But this is not what the Humane Society wanted for Spot; she needs to spending her senior years in a quiet home, with a loving family.  If you would like to help Spot find just the right retirement home, please call Robin at 770/ 478-7531.  Visit to see other animals available for adoption.


Lovey is a domestic shorthair Tabby.  She is approximately five and a half years old, and she has been spayed and fully vaccinated.  Lovey was heartlessly dumped and abandoned at a local spay/neuter clinic.  Fortunately for Lovey, a humane society staff member was volunteering at the clinic that day, and she took Lovey to the CCHS shelter to live.  Lovey has now been at the CCHS shelter for several years, and not one person has ever expressed a desire to adopt this sweet girl.  Lovey loves people and is very affectionate, but she does not like other cats.  Because of this, Lovey spends every minute of her life in a cage, unable to run and play with the other shelter cats.  If you are someone who really wants to make a difference in the life of an animal, Lovey could be the cat for you.  Lovey needs to be in a quiet, adult home where she could move about freely; a home where she could crawl up in someone's lap and take a nap or sit in a window and watch birds outside.  Though she is not an "old" cat, Lovey is past the age that most people who want to adopt would even consider.  Her issues with other cats is another "strike" against her.  CCHS is begging for someone to step forward and offer Lovey a better life than she can be given at the shelter.  Please call Robin at 770/478-7531 to discuss any adoption possibilities for Lovey.  Visit to see other animals available for adoption.