Grand jury indicts man who pleaded guilty using fake name

By Daniel Silliman


The 36-year-old man pled guilty to the misdemeanors, but the grand jury says he used someone else's name.

Mickie Ryan Ford, a Morrow man, was indicted by the Clayton County grand jury, Wednesday, on charges of impersonating another in a legal proceeding and giving a false name.

A 36-year-old man was arrested in April after walking out of The Sports Authority, 1987 Mt. Zion Road, in Morrow, with three pairs of shoes stuffed in his pants. The man told police his name was Nolan J. Reeves.

He gave them a driver's license and social security number, and was arrested under that name.

He was charged with stealing the shoes, valued at a total of $190, and possessing a three-inch glass pipe, believed to be used for smoking crack cocaine.

The man was booked in the Clayton County Jail as "Reeves," went to court as "Reeves," and pleaded guilty to the two charges under that name.

In July, while out on probation, the 36-year-old man was arrested again. He was charged with selling false identifies.

One of the false identities for sale was the name, license and social security number of "Reeves."

The man allegedly selling the documents was the same one, according to the indictment handed down this week, who used the identity to enter a guilty plea in court earlier this year -- Mickie Ryan Ford.

He is now facing felony charges in Clayton County Superior Court.

In Clayton County Magistrate Court records, Thursday, the files under Reeves' name were cross-listed under Ford's name.

Ford has a criminal record of misdemeanor charges, including theft by receiving, theft of missing or lost property -- wallets -- and a long list of shoplifting arrests.

His next court date has not yet been set.