Will America escape the wrath of God? - James C. Bell

The Lord God said to Abram, "Look up at the heavens and count the stars -- So shall your offspring be."

He made of him a great nation and brought it with His mighty power out of slavery in Egypt to their promised land of Canaan.

They took possession of the land and realized the promises of God were fulfilled. The time had come for Israel to be the Kingdom of God in the form of an established commonwealth on earth.

But after years of enjoying peace in their new home, they soon forgot the great acts of God who had given them birth and life and protection.

They began to attach themselves to the people of Canaan and their god's and turned away from the Great Jehovah God. The Bible says, "In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit."

Israel did not truly acknowledge or obey her heavenly king. So God's wrath came upon her. He no longer fought for her and defeated her enemies. Instead, He allowed her to be defeated and enslaved by her neighbors.

When their suffering became intolerable, they cried to the Lord and He heard them and raised up leaders whom He empowered to defeat her enemies and restore their country and safety.

Since they again worshipped the true God, they had peace and prosperity for a long period of time, but then they began to forget God again, to ignore His teachings and disobey His covenants.

Then God's wrath would come upon them again, for they worshipped idols and false gods and were immoral.

Centuries later, our great God sent His Son to save us and made a new covenant with us -- the New Testament. Jehovah God sacrificed His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to die on a cruel cross, and through His death and resurrection, He gave mankind His salvation plan: the choice of accepting Christ as savior and living for Him or rejecting Him and going to hell with the devil.

Then, not just Israel, but all mankind from all nations comprised His chosen people. Through another two thousand years, He led His faithful to settle Europe and discover the new world and to populate it and develop these United States of America.

Our country was recognized as a new "Promised Land" with freedom for all, especially religious freedom where one could worship God in spirit and in truth. We became a strong nation with the blessings of God.

Commerce flourished and provided a great and prosperous economy. The standard of living for Americans became the highest in the world, social and religious life followed the teachings of God and we became widely known as a Christian Nation.

But through the years, more and more of our people have turned away from God and His ways and are living their lives just as they please, ignoring God and His church and teachings.

My fear and question is this: Will our great Jehovah God continue to bless us as a nation and keep us safe and strong from our enemies who have sworn to kill us and destroy our great country?

I pray He will, but does He not have a case against us? He would be justified to pour out His wrath against us and destroy us! However, we still have a chance. We can repent and seek His forgiveness!

He gives us the answers to our prayers in Romans 10:9-10: "If you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved."

Dear Lord, I pray for your salvation for our great nation, not because we deserve it, but for your blessed Son, Jesus Christ and His Glory!