CCWSA to hold disposal event

By Jaya Franklin


Clayton County residents will be able to dispose of their hazardous household items for free.

On Saturday, April 26 the Clayton County Water Authority, and Keep Clayton County Beautiful, will host Hazardous Household Waste Amnesty Day for county residents.

Kevin Osbey, a CCWA Stormwater Utility Manager, said the importance of proper disposal of these household items cannot be stressed enough.

"It's important for the Water Authority to sponsor this type of event," said Osbey, in a press release. "...Anything that adversely affects the environment is detrimental to our efforts at preserving water quality."

Some of the items accepted for dumping include latex paint, oil paint, bleaches, chlorine, pesticides and herbicides; solvents and sealers, automotive and household batteries, drain cleaners, paint thinner, wood strippers, motor oil and antifreeze, transmission fluid and aerosols. Osbey said these type of household items, especially chemical compounds, can find their way into a stream, or a lake, easily if its not disposed of correctly.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, disposing of hazardous waste incorrectly could include pouring the item down the drain, on the ground, in storm sewers, or sometimes throwing them out with the trash. Improper disposal could pollute the environment and threaten a human's health.

Some common household items that may contain hazardous ingredients are bleach, toilet cleaners, adhesives and glues, and bug sprays.

The Amnesty Day event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Supply Yard located at 1380 Government Circle in Jonesboro. Participants are required to show proof of residency and a driver's license, or water bill in order to dispose of their items.

Call Keep Clayton County Beautiful at (770) 473-5996 for more information about the event.