All-Southern Crescent basketball

The 2007-08 Southern Crescent basketball season was one for the ages. Many thought the Southern Crescent wouldn't be able to match the '06-'07 season, where Clayton County sent four boys teams and two girls teams to the playoffs, with Riverdale and North Clayton advancing all the way to the GHSA Class AAAA Final Four.

Bur this season proved to be just about as remarkable as last. While there were no final four appearances, Clayton and Henry combined to send seven boys teams and six girls teams into the GHSA State Tournament.

So, with som many high-caliber teams and players, picking players and coaches of the year was not an easy task for the Southern Crescent Sports staff.

In the end, Mundy's MIll strong forward Dennis Harris, who has already signed to play at LSU, walked away with the All-Southern Crescent Player of the Year award for boys, and Luella center Shaniqua Pauldo grabbed All-Southern Crescent Player of the Year girls honors. Listed blow are the coaches of the year and the remaining members of the 2007-08 All-Southern Crescent Basketball teams:

All-Southern Crescent Player of the Year (Boys)

Dennis Harris Sr. SF, Mundy's Mill

All-Southern Crescent Player of the Year (Girls)

Shaniqua Pauldo Sr. C, Luella

Clayton Co. Coach of the Year (Boys)

Derick Powell - Riverdale

Clayton Co. Coach of the Year (Girls)

Jamie Horton - Jonesboro

Henry Co. Coach of the Year (Boys)

Buck Hunter - ELCA

Henry Co. Coach of the Year (Girls)

Greg Wilson - Luella




(2nd) James Shields Sr. SG

Eagle's Landing Christian Academy

(1st) Trey Bates Sr. SF

(1st) Mike Tankersly Jr. PF

(2nd) Joe King Sr. SF

(HM) Aram Fowler Sr. PG

(HM) John Riggins Jr. SF

Eagle's Landing

(1st) Bryan Gray Sr. C

(2nd) Jamie Vaughn Sr. PG

Forest Park

(2nd) Brandon McCarden Jr. SF


(1st) Antonio Bell Sr. PG

(1st) Brandon Hosley Sr. SG


(2nd) Michael Griffin Sr. PG


(2nd) Tony Dukes Jr. SG

(HM) Erik Jackson Sr. PG

(HM) Sean Stringfellow Jr. SF

Mt. Zion

(2nd) Judson Dillard Jr. SG

Mundy's Mill

(1st) Dennis Harris Sr. SF (POY)

(1st) Todd Salter Sr. G

North Clayton

(2nd) Zachary Bradley So. PG

(HM) Andre Malone Jr. SG

(HM) Jeffery Newberry So. SG


(HM) Thomas Werner So. PG

(HM) Curtis Wayatt Jr. SG


(1st) Terrell Barnes Jr. F

(1st) Rashan Hassan Sr. F

(1st) Ishmael John Sr. PG


(2nd) Darnell Morris Sr. SG

(1st) Caleb Willis Sr. SF

Union Grove

(HM) Chudi Ndudikwa Sr. SG




(1st) Chanel Chase Sr. SF

(HM) D'Amber Hood Sr. SF

(2nd) Jequila Lilly Sr. PF


(1st) Julia Echols So. SG

(HM) Kamie Patterson Sr. SGF

Eagle's Landing

(2nd) Mia Adams Fr. PG

(2nd) Arkia Armstrong So. SG

Forest Park

(1st) Jessica Franklin Sr. SF

(2nd) Charlesia Norman Sr. SG

Henry County

(1st) Briana Williams So., SG

(2nd) Kehyah Saddler So. SG

(2nd) Nikki Holloway Sr. SG


(HM) Bobbi Boyer Sr. SG

(1st) Dramecka Griggs Jr. SG

(2nd) Joi Holyfield Jr. PG

(1st) Sharmesia Smith Jr. PF


(1st) Schatavia Gray Sr. PF

(2nd) Shannon Heard Sr. PG


(1st) Temp Jacobs Sr. SF

(2nd) Monecia Miller Sr. P

(1st) Shaniqua Pauldo Sr. C (POY)


(2nd) Chatil Bradford So. PF

(2nd) Desiree Wilson Sr. SG

Mundy's Mill

(1st) Timethia Bennett Sr. PF

North Clayton

(1st) Crystal Nwapara Jr. C

(2nd) Yakeieta Lundy Sr. SG

(1st) Latia Williams Sr. SG


(HM) Morgan Knowles Fr. PG

(HM) Paige Nowacki Jr. SF


(2nd) Janel Osbourne So. SF

(HM) Jayda Lloyd Jr. SF

(HM) Tiayra Green So. PG

Union Grove

(1st) Christian Carlis, Sr, PG

(2nd) Alex Adams, Sr, PG

(2nd) Caitlin Jordan , Sr, PG