Local R&B singer targeted in Hampton robbery

By Joel Hall


Felisha King, one-fourth of the R&B group "Cherish," was the victim of an early morning home invasion and robbery on Friday morning.

The incident occurred around 5 a.m., at the singer's home on Panhandle Place in Hampton, according to police.

While King and her live-in boyfriend, Stephen Jones, were still asleep, two black males -- between the ages of 20 and 35, with medium builds -- broke into King's home through the lower, rear, basement door. According to the police report, King was startled by the noise, but went back to sleep, only to be reawakened when one of the intruders was standing at her bedside.

Sporting dreadlocks and masking his face with a bandana, the intruder whispered, "Go back to sleep and there won't be any trouble."

Fearful for their lives, King and Jones did what they were told, according to the report. At that time, Jones noticed a second intruder, who was described as having a "deep voice" and being "bald," or "wearing a cloth over his head."

The second intruder reportedly said: "All right Cherish, I see you," implying that the intruder knew King was a member of the four-sister R&B group, Cherish, featuring sisters Farrah, Neosha, and Fallon King.

The intruders proceeded to rob the couple. Among the items taken were a green, canvas, Triple Five Soul purse containing cash, a black vinyl Coach wallet, a Bank of America debit card, a gold necklace, a gold bracelet, miscellaneous papers, and King's Georgia driver's license. The items taken are valued at roughly $800.

The couple called the police immediately after the intruders left the property. Officer S.C. Smith, with the Clayton County Police Department, responded to the call. Clayton Police Spokesperson, Officer Tim Owens, described the robbery as brazen.

"What are the odds that someone would just wonder into your house and recognize that you are part of a singing group," said Owens. "Most of the time, when you are doing a burglary, you do it during the day, when nobody is home."

In a second incident -- this one on Sunday afternoon -- an attempted robbery at a home on Kristen Cove in College Park left two juveniles arrested, with authorities still looking for a third suspect.

Around noon, three individuals went door-to-door on Kristen Cove. One neighbor, whom police did not identify, answered the door when one of the suspects asked for a woman named "Linda."

"They were just trying to establish a reason to be in the neighborhood and see if anybody was home," said Owens. "If you're conducting a burglary, that's standard, because they are just trying to see if you are there or not.

"They left [the neighbor's] house and went directly across the street to commit a burglary as soon as no one answered the door," Owens added.

After the neighbor told the individual he had the wrong house, the neighbor watched as the three suspects went across the street to a house in which the occupants were away.

The three proceeded to go to the back of the house and the neighbor called the police. While alerting the authorities, the neighbor noticed one of the suspects escaping over a chain-link fence.

Upon arriving at the scene, officer Michael Leblanc discovered that the rear, glass, sliding door had been forced open, and the alarm tripped.

Based on a description given to Leblanc by the neighbor, officers Timothy Garrett and Brett Bell arrested two suspects, who are 15 and 16 years old.

As of Monday, the third suspect had not yet been identified.