Seeing the light - Chester Cook

Ted Turner, who once called Christianity a "religion for losers," launched a $200 million partnership with Methodists and Lutherans to fight malaria in Africa.

He also apologized for his past criticism of religion and called faith a "bright spot" in the world.

Ted, as we in Atlanta call him, has had an ongoing disdain for Christianity, religion and God in general, since childhood, when he rejected religion after his younger sister died of a form of lupus.

These sentiments about religion are understandable considering Ted's personal loss. But his theology is not much different from many in the business world.

He said he has attended churches a few times, but isn't a regular. Turner said, "I find it really hard to believe I'm going to hell. Turner also said he had read the Bible "cover to cover twice," even though some of it is "pretty tedious." He also said he had considered becoming a missionary as a boy.

These thoughts about God sound more like Homer Simpson than a moral human being and successful businessman.

Honestly, I don't see a lot of difference in Ted's theology; he still expresses little need for God in his life and a set of commandments he prefers over the Mosaic ten.

The original ten were a little too rigid. Ted and God are still wrestling. Ted's world does not have room for two gods; so he must eliminate the competition, or at least give God a fight.

His current cause, to donate 1 billion to the United Nations is laudable. But his liberated tolerance of Methodist and Lutherans is laughable. After all, these same Methodists and Lutherans have been working on the problem of malaria for years.

Now that Ted will at least sit in a church and talk to a Christian, he might get some straight answers to his deluded theology. Ted has seen the Light, but still chooses to live in his own dark palace.

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