The Angel of the Lord still speaks - James C. Bell

God speaks to us every day through His beautiful creation. Especially this time of the year-spring-with all its beauty.

The trees wake up and begin to put forth their buds, leaves and flowers. The azaleas and dogwoods are my favorites and they cover the yard of our home.

There are few areas in the world that match the beauty of the Atlanta area in the spring time. Our world is truly a wonderful place, and it is God's own creation-how could its perfection have happened any other way?

Consider the earth, a twenty-five-thousand-mile, round ball with a life supporting atmosphere, turning slowly as it speeds through our solar system, just the right distance from the sun to provide these beautiful seasons we enjoy so much.

It contains the two essentials necessary for life-air and water. How can we not praise our great and mighty God for His creation!

He speaks to us through His Word-the Holy Bible-which gives us the words of life, His teachings of how to live and prosper in His beautiful world.

Throughout the Old Testament, God has spoken to man beginning with Adam, the first man. Sometimes the Bible tells us of the Angel of the Lord speaking to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob with messages of hope and promise.

After the death of Joseph, God was silent for four hundred years while the children of Israel suffered in slavery in Egypt. Then, when their life was unbearable, He heard their cries asking Him to remember them and lead them out of slavery. He raised up a great leader named Moses, and the Bible says he talked with God face to face, (Exodus 33:11).

Please read the whole story of Moses and the glory of the Lord in Exodus 33:12-23. The Angel of the Lord appeared to many of the Old Testament Prophets and gave them power to carry out His will among the people.

Certainly the Angel of the Lord spoke to Mary and Joseph, announcing the birth of Jesus Christ. When He was on the earth with us ,He spoke for the Lord directly to the people and taught us how to have the right relationship with God.

He taught His disciples that His mission was to carry out the Will of the Father, which was for Him to live a life pleasing to God and to give His life on the cross to redeem the souls of all people through His blood sacrifice.

His final words from the cross were, "It is finished"-complete-Jesus was victorious over Satan and death, and so were we, if we believed in Him and made our choice to follow and serve Him.

Jesus promised He would send a comforter to live in the hearts of all of His believers. He would guide us and teach us His ways.

God speaks to us today through nature, His creation, through the Bible, His Holy Word and through His Holy Spirit, whom He sends to live in our hearts when we exercise our choice to repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior.

Now, we are Christians, we belong to Jesus; we are the children of God. He speaks to us through prayer and the quiet time of our devotions and Bible study. I believe He speaks to us through other Christians, and I have learned to listen carefully to what they have to say.

I know He answers prayer in many ways as we exercise our duty and privilege to call on His Name. I know He is the great healer and sustainer of life out of my own experience, and I praise His Holy Name!

Now, the most important question is, do you know Jesus Christ as your personal savior? With all the ways He testifies of His existence, His greatness, His love for all mankind, no one should have trouble believing in God through His Son Jesus Christ.

The Bible says in John 3:16-"whosoever believes in Jesus Christ shall not perish but have eternal life."

Do you believe? Will you put your faith in Him to save you? I pray you will.