Clayton police chief's son gets conditional bond in robbery case

By Jason A. Smith


The son of a prominent Southern Crescent law enforcement figure is expected to be released from the Henry County Jail on bond in the coming days.

Brandon D'angelo Turner, 17, of McDonough -- the son of Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner -- was granted a $50,000 conditional bond Thursday in connection with his arrest for robbery last week.

The teenage suspect was arrested by Henry County Police July 23, shortly before 5 p.m., following an alleged incident in Stockbridge. According to Henry Police Capt. Jason Bolton, Brandon Turner had allegedly robbed a pedestrian of an undisclosed amount of cash. "The victim reported to police that he was robbed by one of five black males in a vehicle driven by Turner," said the captain, adding that the suspect was later identified by the victim.

The incident marked Turner's second arrest in Henry County in less than three months. He was charged in connection with an April 30 burglary, in which several DVDs were reportedly taken from a home in McDonough.

In light of the burglary charge, Turner's defense attorney, Keith Martin, asked Henry County Magistrate Court Judge Martin Jones to allow Turner to live with his grandparents for the duration of his legal proceedings.

Martin then produced Turner's grandfather, Abdon Arroyo, who assured Judge Jones he would keep an eye on his grandson. "If he messes up, I'll be the first to call in, even if it kills me," Arroyo said, prior to the judge's agreement to the proposed arrangement.

As a result of the Judge's ruling, Turner must wear an ankle monitor and be accompanied by a grandparent or parent at all times, except to attend regularly scheduled sessions of school.

The defense attorney, Martin, called the judge's decision regarding his client "absolutely fair." He said the conditional release will help to ensure that Turner stays out of trouble. "What we've done by establishing these conditions is ... change bond dollars into reasonable conditions that restrict [Turner's] ability to do any of the things that the court would be concerned about," said Martin.

"The court addressed the conditions that we wanted, and also assured an appearance in court. It's a very high bond and some very tough conditions, but we're still very pleased with it."

Turner's arraignment in the burglary case has been continued until later this month, and motions are pending in Henry County Superior Court.

The defendant's mother, Darlene Turner, was present for her son's court appearance Thursday, but declined to share her thoughts on the robbery case. Police Chief Turner was not in court, and was unavailable for comment.