DeKalb man found dead in Ellenwood

By Daniel Silliman


A 27-year-old man was found dead in the trunk of his Pontiac Bonneville, shot and wrapped in a blanket and a garbage bag, according to Clayton County police.

Officer A. Thomas responded to a call about an abandoned vehicle in Ellenwood, Monday, at about 6 p.m.

The 2000, burgandy-colored Pontiac was parked on the side of Village Crossing Lane, near Lower Village Drive, according to Thomas' police report.

The 8-year-old car appeared abandoned, and had a window cracked open and the radio missing, when police found it. The subdivision where the car was found, is off Anvil Block Road near an exit of Interstate 675. While some houses have been built, construction in the development has been curtailed, police said.

Thomas said he opened the unlocked, driver's side door of the vehicle and was met by the "foul, strong odor" of "something, or someone dead."

Police found the owner of the vehicle, Talim Ivory Ruffin, of DeKalb County, in the trunk, apparently murdered.

"The autopsy revealed Ruffin was shot twice," said Officer Sonja Sanchez, police spokeswoman. "Once to the right side of the head, and once to the right side, under the arm. Ruffin was wrapped in a blue blanket and black plastic bags."

He turned 27 on Friday, three days before police found his corpse. He was reported missing by his fiancée on Saturday, at about midnight.

Police do not yet know where he was going, when he left home, and do not have a lot of information to go on.

Twenty-four hours after the body was found in the abandoned car, the only leads police had were two witnesses who said they saw the burgundy Bonneville in the unfinished subdivision on Saturday.

Anyone with information about Ruffin's "last known location prior to August 10," is asked to call Detective Sue Bennett at (770) 477-3788.