Can a person know God? - James C. Bell

Can you imagine how great it would be to know some outstanding sports figure, to be able to sit down and talk with him, and listen as he tells you some of his great experiences, or details of a famous game, things you had never known before?

Actually, I had that experience once and I really enjoyed it.

I was working at Delta Air Lines and had a business trip to attend a conference in Knoxville, Tenn. As I boarded the aircraft, I noticed a number of seats open but they were all singles, so I selected a young man looking friendly and about my age and headed for that seat. "Mind if I sit here," I said as I introduced myself and offered my hand. He said, "Not at all, please sit down, my name is Starr."

I knew he looked familiar, so I said I had a friend who lived here in Atlanta whose name is Star. He said, "No relation, I'm from Alabama." Then I recognized him! "You're Bart Starr, the great quarterback for the Packers!" He laughed and admitted he was.

I immediately asked if he would mind if we talked about football? He said," It's my favorite subject!" We talked continuously all the way to Knoxville as I asked him questions about games and players that I had enjoyed watching over the years.

We had a short stop in Chattanooga, and he asked if I would like to take a short walk with him to stretch our legs. I was delighted to be seen with him as I pumped him about some favorite games I had seen him play. "How about that great game the Packers and the Giants played in New York in near-zero degree weather, how did you stand such cold?" He gladly told me all about that game, and of course I was on Cloud Nine!

My life has surely been blessed, for I met an even greater celebrity when I was 17 years old. He was the most famous and well known person I have ever met, and the most amazing thing was that he knew me!

How could such a person know me, I thought. He couldn't possibly know me, but I found as I listened to his associate talk, he really did know me. In fact, he knew some things I didn't want anyone to know. His associate said, "Don't worry," that although some of the things offended him, he forgave me and the greatest thing yet was he wanted me to know him, fully and completely and for us to have a great and close relationship.

He was the richest and most intelligent person in the world, and yet he was interested in me! He invited me to believe in who he was and to join him in what he was doing; to be loyal to him and learn all about him. He even wanted me to follow him and to become as nearly like him as I could.

What wonderful changes came into my life as I worked to mold my life after him, and, you know, he was right when he said, "Take my yoke (his discipline) upon you and learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light."(From Matthew 11:28-30).

All this began some 58 years ago, and my life has been a series of great blessings all through the years, as I have followed him. I speak of the Lord Jesus Christ as I am sure you know, and I have always been amazed that he could love me and forgive me of all my awful sins.

And he also took me, a nobody who had nothing, and gave me a life of blessings and great experiences that have satisfied my heart and soul. He has made my life rich beyond belief, and as if this were not enough, he has promised me that we will go on a trip soon and he will show me things that man has not seen or even imagined, where I will realize my full capacity of joy and have the most magnificent experiences of my true destiny.

Can a person know God?

Yes! He wants everyone to know Him and to experience to the fullest His blessings. He wants all to have faith in Him, to believe in what He is doing and join Him in His work. How could any sane person refuse such and offer?