Pampered Chef consultant awarded for sales, recruiting

By Jason A. Smith


She is at the top of her field, and is excited about recent honors she received in connection with a profession she chose as a teenager.

Mindy Mussell, Independent Advanced Director with The Pampered Chef organization, received awards last month for being in the top two percent of the company in sales and recruiting.

The recognition came during a national conference for the group, held in Chicago.

Mussell was touted for selling more than $85,000 worth of Pampered Chef products in the last year, during which time she also recruited a total of 16 new consultants.

Mussell, 27, of Stockbridge, has worked with Pampered Chef for more than nine years. She said she first learned about the corporation, which markets kitchen tools and other items, when she and her mother attended a party sponsored by the group.

"When it was done, I told her I wanted to be a Pampered Chef lady when I grew up," said Mussell.

She officially began her career with the company when she turned 18, holding one Pampered Chef gathering per week while attending Georgia State University.

Mussell later decided to forego a college degree, to pursue her passion.

Mussell, a former 911 operator with the Forest Park Police Department, said her current profession is much less stressful. She added that some people still have a misconception that selling Pampered Chef is a hobby, and not a way of life, for consultants.

Mussell said, in addition to the opportunity to sell a quality line of merchandise, several other aspects appeal to her, regarding the lifestyle of a Pampered Chef worker.

"I love the flexibility I have to make my own schedule," she said. "I don't have the option to rely on a spouse, so it's nice that I can support myself through this business."

The company issued a press release Aug. 12, noting Mussell's "outstanding" performance level.

Senior Vice President of Sales Jean Jonas said Pampered Chef "gives people like Mindy an opportunity to live their personal and professional dreams."

For more information about the company, call (770) 506-9411, or visit www.pamperedchef.biz/mindymussell.