News for Tuesday, August 5, 2008


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Clean Air Campaign gets schools involved

By Johnny Jackson

It's a mea culpa week - Mike Reagan

Like altar boys, who used to strike their breasts and mutter "mea culpa" ("through my fault") during the beginning of the Latin mass while confessing that they had sinned, Democrats are in full confessional mode, apologizing for every real or imagined sin against a particular group they believe their country once offended.

8-5-08 obituaries

Howard Leonard Hensley, Jr.

'A piece of his own heart' - Daniel Silliman

There is nothing in central California to make you think of Gulags, ideology and evil.

Good Shepherd Clinic expansion finished

By Daniel Silliman

Today is decision day for Clayton voters

By Joel Hall

Skip will be missed

Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson and Mike Schmidt were my boyhood baseball heroes.

Tattoo artist displays paintings at library

By Joel Hall

Local murder stirring 'religion versus culture' debate

By Daniel Silliman

School chief: More administrative shakeups ahead

By Curt Yeomans