Henry Sheriff's office sponsors family for Christmas

By Jason A. Smith


A local family, in need of assistance this holiday season, will get its wish, thanks to the efforts of the Henry County Sheriff's Office.

The agency is sponsoring six children for Christmas, in a charitable effort, which is in its second year, and is part of a partnership with Connecting Henry, the local social-services, community organization.

Deputy Tracey Baker, in the sheriff's office, is spearheading the endeavor, along with Deputy Melody Thacker. Baker says the goal of the project is to enable the large family, whose names were not released, to have an opportunity to benefit from the holiday spirit at the sheriff's office.

"We were given a list of items by Connecting Henry, of things the children were interested in getting for Christmas," she says. "We're going to get as many of those items as we can."

Baker says the sheriff's office is attempting to secure additional help from local businesses, because of the number of kids in the family. She hopes to send a positive message to local residents, regarding the men and women who are sworn to protect them in Henry.

"We wanted to let people know we're trying to be involved in the community," she says. "We're not just about law enforcement. We're also about compassion."

The presents will be given to the children during a potluck dinner, hosted by the sheriff's office Dec. 19 at 7 p.m.

Local business owners, who are interested in making a contribution, are asked to call Deputy Tracey Baker or Deputy Melody Thacker, at (770) 288-7070.