Police net robbery suspects, wigs, cash box

By Daniel Silliman


With the wigs and the ski mask, the register and the red cash box all bumping around on the floor, the Mercury Marquis weaved across the highway's center line.

Officer Justin Arnzen caught the car, a gold-colored, late '90s sedan, as it sped north on Ga. Highway 85 at about 7:30 p.m., Sunday.

He thought the driver was drunk, he reported. He didn't know anything about the armed robbery of a nearby Dollar General.

Arnzen pulled the car over, and when it stopped on the side of the road, it lurched into reverse, making him think someone had had too much to drink. But then he ran the license plate number, and it belonged to a Chevy Cobalt, not a Mercury Marquis, so the officer knew something was wrong, he reported.

He approached the car, according to his police report, with his flashlight out and shining into the vehicle. He said he saw the passenger "raise his arm in my direction, while holding a shiny metal object."

The car then fled, and a police chase ensued. Anrzen followed up to the intersection of Ga. Highway 314 and East Fayetteville Road. The Mercury turned north on 314, and began to drive into the oncoming lanes of traffic, Arnzen said. The Mercury turned onto Riverdale Road, shutting off the headlights and speeding toward Interstate 85. Not quite making the turn, the car hit the guardrail on the left, then spun into the guardrail on the right and crashed, 200 feet down the on-ramp.

The passengers got out and ran into the nearby woods.

Arnzen chased the driver, allegedly Sade Neshieka Mobley, a 20-year-old Riverdale woman. He chased her for about 50 yards, according to the report and tackled the 180-pound woman.

The passenger, allegedly Steve Lawrence Bruner, a 27-year-old from East Point, was chased by two other officers with police dogs. He allegedly turned and fired his gun, as the police pursued him. "I heard several gunshots ring out from the wooded area," Arnzen wrote in his report.

When they arrested him, Bruner was allegedly carrying a silver-colored pistol and, "a large amount of money, which was taken from a Dollar General store robbery in Riverdale, which had occurred a few minutes prior to my initial stop," Arnzen wrote.

The gold-colored car was reported stolen out of Atlanta in August, and Arnzen searched the Mercury Marquis and found further evidence of a robbery. He found a cash drawer, a red metal box, a brown wig, a black wig and a black ski mask.

Mobley was arrested and charged with theft by receiving a motor vehicle, fleeing from police, concealing the ID of a motor vehicle, obstructing an officer, reckless driving and driving without a license.

Bruner was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, obstruction of an officer, and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.