News for Saturday, December 13, 2008


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Man found guilty of murdering infant

By Daniel Silliman

Redz to close on New Year's Eve

By Jason A. Smith

Recreation Department offers dance classes

By Valerie Baldowski

Gwinnett kidnapping ends in Jonesboro siege

By Daniel Silliman

12-13-08 obituaries

Shirley Jane Pepperd Thomaston

Will America return to God?

All through the Old Testament, God showed His great love for His people by blessing them and causing them to become a great nation. This is shown fully during the era of King David. God gave him success and victory in every thing he did because David loved God with all his heart and was faithful all of his life. It was said of David that he was a man after God's own heart-meaning he trusted the Lord his God and sought to please Him in all he did; he prayed constantly for the guidance of God not only in battle but also in government and God blessed him and the people. While David was King he led the people to worship the true and living God and to be faithful to carry out His laws and the words of the prophets. His Kingdom was extended to his son Solomon, who was wise because he was faithful to the Lord and asked Him not for gold and great riches or success in battle but for wisdom. God granted his prayer and gave him direction and guidance, he became known all over the world for his wisdom. His kingdom was long and successful as Israel became a great and prosperous nation.