Will America return to God?

All through the Old Testament, God showed His great love for His people by blessing them and causing them to become a great nation. This is shown fully during the era of King David. God gave him success and victory in every thing he did because David loved God with all his heart and was faithful all of his life. It was said of David that he was a man after God's own heart-meaning he trusted the Lord his God and sought to please Him in all he did; he prayed constantly for the guidance of God not only in battle but also in government and God blessed him and the people. While David was King he led the people to worship the true and living God and to be faithful to carry out His laws and the words of the prophets. His Kingdom was extended to his son Solomon, who was wise because he was faithful to the Lord and asked Him not for gold and great riches or success in battle but for wisdom. God granted his prayer and gave him direction and guidance, he became known all over the world for his wisdom. His kingdom was long and successful as Israel became a great and prosperous nation.

As long as Israel had great leadership, the people followed and obeyed the Lord their God, but when lesser men began to rule and did not follow the teachings and commandments of God, but began to worship other gods the nation began to fail.

God was not honored and obeyed by the king or the people and they were punished for their sin. God sent Prophet after Prophet to warn them that if they did not change their ways and repent of their sins He was going to destroy them. God demonstrated His love and grace for them by forgiving them when they returned to Him and worshipped Him truthfully. But as they slipped back into sin and worshipped other gods and would not be faithful to Him, His wrath was kindled against them and finally they were destroyed and carried away captive to a foreign land.

Do you see the parallel here? America was founded as a Christian Nation by people who loved the Lord and who lived for Him. Our forefathers loved the Lord and followed Him as they wrote our Constitution and established our government. The Lord blessed our Nation and led us to become a great and powerful nation as the people had a great faith in Him and tried to live by His principles. But as our success grew and we became a wealthy nation, many began to stray from the Lord's leadership. They felt they knew how to live and decided to live just as they pleased and did not follow the Lord. Greed began to rule their lives and they determined to get rich any way they could regardless if they pleased God or if they hurt others.

America has drifted away from God and today we are beginning to see the results of sinful living, of many of our leaders ignoring God, the Bible and His teachings and principles of living. Because of their greed they have made polices and laws that are causing our businesses to fail, our financial system to crumble and our people to suffer loss of jobs and their ability to support their families. Many of our people have turned away from God and follow their own lusts and evil desires. They don't go to Church or worship God, they don't teach their children to trust God, or to believe in Him. Instead they run after pleasure and entertainment, they think only of themselves, their wants and how to get them at any cost.

God will not bless people or nations who live in this manner; He will forgive if we truly repent, if we return unto Him. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 says; "If my people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land." Will America return to God? I pray we will.