Stolen bank ATM turns up in Morrow

By Curt Yeomans


Who stole an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) on Sunday from a Forest Park branch of Bank of America?

How did a fork lift, stolen from the north metro-Atlanta area, get to Forest Park?

The Forest Park Police Department has a few questions to answer in the theft of an ATM from the Bank of America branch on Main Street.

Forest Park Police Maj. Chris Matson said no money had been stolen from the ATM, because the thieves stopped taking the machine apart before they got to the box containing the money. The ATM was abandoned in Morrow, said the Forest Park police spokesman.

Matson said investigators are still in the early stages of looking into the case.

"We can only speculate at this time why [the thieves] didn't finish the job," he said. "Maybe they heard a siren approaching, and thought it was coming for them."

The thieves removed the ATM, which was bolted down, at approximately 5 a.m., on Sunday, using a stolen fork lift, which was left at the bank after the theft took place, said Matson.

Matson also said the fork lift, and the pick-up truck, were from Cobb and Gwinnett counties, but he could not specify which stolen item came from which county. How the fork lift got to Clayton County remains a mystery at this point. "We're trying to look for a method they could have used to transport the fork lift," Matson said.

However the fork lift got to Forest Park, the thieves did not stick around the city to attempt to get inside the ATM.

Matson said the ATM, and a stolen pick-up truck, were found on one of the trails at the Reynolds Nature Preserve in Morrow shortly after daybreak on Sunday by a person who was there to take a walk.

At this time, the Forest Park police do not have any persons of interest, nor do they know how many people were involved in the theft. Matson said security tapes from the area will be reviewed for clues, but he declined to discuss the investigation in detail.

Anyone with any information about the ATM theft, can contact the Forest Park Police Department at (404) 366-7280.