Man shot at Hwy. 85 sports bar

According to Clayton County Police, a man was shot Tuesday evening around 6 p.m., during an altercation at a local sports bar.

The shooting took place at The Spot, a night club and sports bar located at 8514 Hwy. 85 in Clayton County. Jeff Turner, Clayton County police chief, said one man allegedly pulled a gun on another man, who was shooting pool.

"They were playing billiards," said Turner. "Apparently, they had a disagreement. One guy pulled a weapon and shot the [other] guy.

"From my understanding, he was shot twice," the chief said.

Lt. Rebecca Brown, who reported to the scene, said the victim had been shot once in the shoulder and once in the face. She said the victim, whose identify had not been released, was taken to Southern Regional Medical Center shortly before 7 p.m.

Brown said witnesses, who saw the shooting, were uncooperative.

"I think they have had a couple of incidents where people were fighting, but I don't think they have had anybody who was shot before," said Brown. "Everybody in there said they didn't know anything."

--Joel Hall