Pre-teen joyriders damage College Park apartment

By Joel Hall


What began as a joyride for two Clayton County boys ultimately left a sports utility vehicle (SUV)-sized hole in a College Park apartment complex.

According to Lt. Rebecca Brown, spokesperson for the Clayton County Police Department, two 12-year-old cousins allegedly stole an SUV belonging to one of the boy's parents, and took the vehicle on a joyride through the Rivermont Apartment Complex on Pine Drive.

Brown said the short, ill-fated romp ended when the boys drove the SUV into a nearby apartment.

"From what I was told, the truck went all the way into the kitchen of apartment J-16, but no one was hurt inside the building or in the car," said Brown."

Brown said that neither of the two cousins was forthcoming in taking blame for the accident. As such, both boys were given citations, she said.

"They were blaming each other," said Brown. "They were both given citations for reckless conduct."

Brown said on Wednesday that no charges have been filed against the parents of the two boys at this time.

-- Joel Hall