Pedestrian killed trying to help drivers avoid traffic hazard

A 36-year-old Atlanta woman was killed while trying to direct traffic in the dark.

Carolyn Seamore was wearing dark clothes, according to Clayton County Police reports, and was attempting to use two white pieces of paper to direct traffic around a disabled car, while a bus was trying to backing up around 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

The driver of a white Dodge Ram pickup truck, traveling south on Frontage Road near Penny Road, said he saw a charter bus backing up, and saw two people standing behind the bus, but he never saw Seamore.

"When he saw the lights he began to slow down," Officer R. Theiss wrote in a police report. "He then heard the sound of him hitting something."

The truck hit Seamore, throwing her about 65 feet. She landed on the side of Frontage Road, along Interstate 75 in Forest Park, and was pronounced dead where she landed.

The woman was apparently trying to stop oncoming traffic, police said. A car was broken down on Penny Road and the bus was attempting to back up, in the evening dark, onto Frontage Road. Seamore didn't use a flare or any reflective tape, but attempted to stop traffic using white pieces of paper.

- Daniel Silliman