Commission on board with 'Lake Spivey Parkway'

By Daniel Silliman


The Clayton County Board of Commissioners has given support to the renaming of a section of Ga. Highway 138.

The proposed name change to "Lake Spivey Parkway" would give the area a stronger identity and increase property values, according to supporters of the proposal.

"It can only add to the value of the entire neighborhood, particularly the upcoming business district," said Clayton County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell. "It can add immeasurably to the value and character of the area."

The new name, originally proposed by the Lake Spivey Community, Inc., would apply to the section of the highway stretching from Interstate 675 to the Jonesboro city limits. Currently called "Charles 'Ed' Holcolm Parkway," the commission would like to see the stretch of highway designated by both the old name and the new one.

Lake Spivey Community Inc., a neighborhood alliance made up of 16 homeowners associations, has defined the "Lake Spivey Community" as an area stretching from Noah's Ark Road to Ga. Highway 138, and from the edge of Jonesboro to Rum Creek. The alliance has been attempting to give the area a sense of community, and a positive real estate brand.

Developers and planners often support such name changes, suggesting the appellation can become a "brand," causing residents to feel a sense of place and can create an identity for outsiders and prospective buyers.

"It's considered positive," said Commissioner Michael Edmondson, who represents the area and formerly served as the alliance's treasurer. "It puts you on the map, so to speak, by creating and promulgating a sense of identity."

Edmondson said the "Lake Spivey" name might be able to compare and compete with other local real estate brand names, such as Buckhead and Eagles' Landing.

Currently, the stretch of Ga. 138 to be renamed, is named for Holcolm, a Korean War Veteran. Bell said the Holcolm family has told the board it accepts the renaming, and the board's resolution suggests that Holcolm still be honored with signs along the re-christened road.

The name change would have to be put into effect by state legislators. The county's resolution supports the name change and encourages the Clayton County legislative delegation to move forward with the renaming.

Edmondson said the local delegation attempted to make the change in 2005, but the bill met roadblocks and faltered.

If the name is changed, it would not appear on state maps, but the new name would appear on county maps and local signs.