Teen had shotgun, stolen car's keys when killed

By Daniel Silliman


Demario Jackson had a history of armed robbery, even though he was only 14, and police say it got him killed last weekend.

He was shot to death in the parking lot of a Forest Park apartment complex, carrying a shotgun and the keys to a stolen car.

The investigation is ongoing, but Forest Park Police Department detectives believe Jackson was trying to steal a laptop computer, Maj. Chris Matson said.

Mohamadreza Rashad, an Atlanta Police Department recruit, who lives at Parkside Crossing, 4233 Jonesboro Road, was sitting in his car in the complex parking lot, using his laptop to access wireless Internet.

Rashad said he was sitting there, a little after midnight on Saturday, Feb. 9, when he was approached by a teenager with a shotgun.

Jackson pointed the shotgun at Rashad's face, detective's believe, and he demanded the laptop. Rashad was sitting in his personal vehicle, and the 14-year-old wouldn't have known he was a police recruit and wouldn't have known he was carrying a gun. Rashad pretended to hand over the computer, police said, and then shot the teen multiple times.

When police arrived, Jackson, who lived on Fisher Road in Atlanta, had been hit by "several rounds" and was determined "deceased in the parking lot with visible gunshot wounds."

Police believe the shooting was probably in self defense, based on the physical evidence and Rashad's statement, but the investigation is ongoing.

"His statement carries a lot of weight," Matson said. "He stuck around and he talked to police. Right now, everything seems to confirm what he's saying ... but we will wait until all the evidence is in."

Jackson was reportedly wanted for several armed robberies in DeKalb County when he was killed, and was in possession of the keys to a stolen Pontiac G6. The gray, 2006 sedan, parked outside the complex where Jackson was shot, was reportedly stolen out of a driveway in East Point in December.

Matson said detectives are looking for other witnesses before they close the case. Rashad told them he saw another person running from the scene, after he shot Jackson. Police are hoping that person will call them at (404) 366-7280, and tell them more about the incident.