New Birth South makes its way to Hampton

By Jaya Franklin


A new church has been erected in the city of Hampton on North Mount Carmel Road.

The New Birth South Metropolitan Church, Hampton, will hold a grand opening on Feb. 16 to welcome the community to its 100,000-square-foot facility.

"We're excited about our congregation," said Angela Henderson, director of church administration. "This is our seventh year as a church, and we've accomplished some phenomenal things."

Pastor Andre Landers, who heads New Birth South Metropolitan Church in Jonesboro, on Mount Zion Road, also will served as pastor of the newly built Hampton church.

Landers said he wants this church to attract a multicultural congregation.

"One of the dreams that I have always had is for the church to resemble heaven," he said. "We don't want the church to be about one person, we want to create a family atmosphere. We aren't in competition. We all preach the gospel and are a part of the body of Christ in general."

In an effort to cater to the entire family, the Hampton facility has something for everyone.

"The multi-purpose sanctuary can house worship services, trade shows, fairs, graduations, cultural events and art displays," Landers said.

The building, located on a 42-acre campus, includes an inside play area for children, an infant care room, along with eight classrooms, as well as a sanctuary that can seat 3,500.

It also has a recording studio, a bookstore, a full industrial kitchen, cafe and a store designed for the younger members of the congregation.

"The youth corner will be run by the youth to teach them how to run a business and other areas of entrepreneurship," said Henderson.

Julius Ross, Jr., a six-year member of New Birth South Metropolitan Church, Jonesboro, and chief planner for Henry County, is thrilled to see the church make its mark in the county.

"I am excited about how the church at New Birth South [will] carry out its worldwide mission: 'To know Christ and to make Him known,'" said Ross. "I have witnessed and fully expect the church to grow as those who gladly receive the word of God are added to the body to learn, grow and move into the great things God has prepared for all who believe."

The church's grand opening on Feb. 16 will begin at 11:30 a.m. On March 17 the first service will be held at the 2455 Mt. Carmel Road church, at 8:30 a.m.


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