Kendrick Middle gets new wing, more space

By Curt Yeomans


Officials from Kendrick Middle School were hoping a large crowd would show up for the opening of a new 14-classroom wing on Wednesday -- and it did.

The new wing brings the school's enrollment capacity to 1,100 students. Kendrick currently has an enrollment of 851 students.

"A lot of parents were coming up to us [school officials] and just saying, 'Thank You,' and, 'You did a great job,' as they toured the new wing," said Beverly Garner, the school's principal.

"We were surprised to see this many people show up, because we didn't have this many people's RSVPs to our invitation. We're really pleased to see this much of a turnout, though."

While school administrators do not have an official head count, they do know 600 hors d'oeuvres were consumed. The school's gym, which can seat roughly 850 people, was more than half full for a Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) meeting, which was held right before the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new wing.

"I'm really impressed with the new wing," said Jacqueline Mincey, whose son, Tavon, is a sixth-grader at the school. "As a parent, I think it's essential to have room to grow. Everyday we have more and more people moving into this county. I think it's [the new wing] something positive, which is being done with our tax dollars."

Other parents who attended the PTA meeting were equally impressed.

"It's beautiful," said Silas Banks, whose son Silas, Jr., is a seventh-grader at the school. "My hats are off to all the administrators who worked hard to make this happen."

Parents reached the new wing via the school's gym. As the parents approached the doors to the new hallway, a red carpet lined with balloons was awaiting them. Once the parents entered the hallway, they drifted in and out of new classrooms where teachers were waiting to discuss academics.