Police: Man shot wife as she lay in bed

By Daniel Silliman


A 42-year-old man has been arrested on charges he shot his wife between the eyes Sunday night, after demanding money.

Witnesses told Clayton County Police Officer Mike Hobbs that they saw Antonio Gresham standing over his wife, 41-year-old Carol Gresham, as she lay in bed under the covers. He was holding a silver, .45-caliber gun and saying, "Give me my money."

Hobbs and Officer J. Nicholson went to 1601 Knight Chase Drive, near Stockbridge, at 2:35 a.m., Sunday. They found Carol Gresham lying in bed. She had been shot "almost directly between the eyes," according to the police report.

Carol Gresham's cousin, Broderick Turner, told police that Antonio Gresham had been drinking in an Atlanta bar, and Turner had driven him to the family's Stockbridge apartment.

As Turner sat in the living room, he heard Antonio Gresham, in the back bedroom, yelling about money. Then, he heard a gun being cocked, he said in his statement to police. He said he saw the husband standing over his wife, holding the silver semi-automatic, and then, Antonio Gresham allegedly fired twice.

Turner "saw the blood splatter and he fled from the bedroom," Hobbs reported. "He was afraid that the suspect would shoot him next."

Carol Gresham's adult daughter, Kummeon Young, told police she also saw her stepfather, Antonio Gresham, standing over her mother.

She awakened to hear him yelling, "Give me the money," Young told police. She said, "He had a big silver gun and shot her twice."

Hobbs and Nicholson found the gun lying on the kitchen counter next to the refrigerator, according to the police report.

Antonio Gresham -- a six-foot-five, 280 pound man -- was arrested at the scene and was being interviewed by detectives Monday morning.

He is being charged with murder.