Murdered woman had allegedly attempted to kill her husband

By Daniel Silliman


When Antonio Bernard Gresham allegedly shot his wife dead with a .45-caliber handgun in December, his body bore a scar where she had allegedly shot him more than two years before with the same gun.

Carol Young Gresham, 41, was arrested on charges she shot her husband with the big, silver .45, more than two years before he allegedly murdered her. The case against her was dropped in April 2007, however, when Antonio Gresham refused to testify against her. He invoked his "marital privilege," according to court documents, and did not appear in court when summoned.

The aggravated assault charge against Carol Young Gresham was dismissed, even though she had confessed to the shooting.

According to the 2005 arrest warrant sworn out against the woman, she had been having a domestic dispute with her husband, and the two were arguing about his brother, who was dying of cancer. Antonio Gresham's brother was dying and he accused Carol Gresham of not caring, according to her written statement, and threatened to "kill her like a hog and watch her bleed."

Carol Gresham then allegedly got the family's .45-caliber Tarus handgun from the upstairs of their Hampton home, and shot Antonio Gresham in the left side "with intent to murder, rape or to rob."

When arrested on a murder charge on Dec. 30, 2007 -- eight months after refusing to testify against his wife in court -- Antonio Gresham told Clayton County Police about the previous shooting and said "he was not going to be hurt again," according to court documents filed by Detective Michael Medious.

Police found the .45-caliber Tarus handgun in the home, at the time of Carol Gresham's death, and Antonio Gresham told police he shot his wife of 12 years in an argument about money.

The woman was lying in bed at the time she was shot twice in the head, once "almost directly between the eyes," according to the police report.

Antonio Gresham reportedly owed someone a debt, and was heard yelling, "Give me the money" as he stood over his wife and cocked the gun, according to police. Two people told police they saw the 42-year-old man shoot his wife to death in the family's Stockbridge home that night.

Domestic violence in the Gresham home apparently predated gun violence, however. Court documents show Antonio Gresham was arrested on Dec. 31, 2004 on charges that he beat his stepdaughter. The girl and the man were in a verbal argument, and Antonio Gresham allegedly hit her in the face, cutting her nose and her face near the left eye.

Now facing a murder charge, Antonio Gresham's next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 29.