News for Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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Hey coach, we need your help

You guys have an agenda. Why are you against us? What did we ever do to you? Or my all time favorite, how much is that school paying you to give them all that coverage?

'Flying Nimrods - Darwinism at work?' - Denese Rodgers

I've had the good fortune to have been able to fly on airplanes for most of my life. My late dad was an air traffic controller, and we always thought you were mainly supposed to fly if a trip was going to take more than about three hours.

We could learn a lot from kittens - Jason A. Smith

My mom has been having a lot of fun, in recent days, with one of her Christmas presents. My dad, likely in an effort to stay on her good side for a few days, got her a kitten.

1-16-08 obituaries

William J. Hart

Two found guilty, connected to cartel's cocaine shipments

By Daniel Silliman

Interim manager takes helm in College Park

By Daniel Silliman

Campaign begins to 'Stop the Violence'

By Daniel Silliman

Students, teachers use technology to enhance learning

By Curt Yeomans

Water plan clears Senate panel

By Dave Williams

Nine accused of gun heist

By Daniel Silliman