Man indicted in car theft case, false 911 call

By Daniel Silliman


When Donald Olin Cobb, Jr., was arrested, a week after Thanksgiving 2005, he had vise grip pliers in his pants pocket.

When he was arrested again, about a weeks later, he was on the phone with a 911 operator, allegedly making up stories about being robbed and shot at.

The 41-year-old Ellenwood man was indicted on Wednesday on charges relating to the two arrests.

On Nov. 29, 2005, Cobb was arrested in Stockbridge, and Clayton County Police officers wrote out a warrant saying he had taken "significant steps in a criminal attempt" to steal two trucks from 7221 Daniel Drive, a commercial parking lot.

The cabs of two trucks -- a 1990 Mack tractor truck and a 2004 Ford F-150 -- were open and Cobb had the pliers and a pair of scissors and was allegedly messing with the trucks' ignition systems. He appeared to be attempting to hot-wire and steal the trucks, according to an arrest warrant.

Police stopped him, allegedly in the middle of the double hot-wiring job, and then found methamphetamine on him. They also found four fake $20 bills, according to the warrants on file in the Clayton County courthouse.

Cobb received bond by the beginning of the next month and then, on Dec. 5, 2005, he called 911, asked for help, and got himself arrested.

He told the emergency operator that "he had been robbed at gunpoint, kidnapped and shot at by an unknown" man, according to court documents.

When interviewed by Clayton County police officers, though, Cobb changed his story, admitting that he did know the man and saying that, in fact, he and the other man had been together looking to buy crystal meth. They couldn't find any meth for sale, and the other man robbed Cobb, according to police.

A grand jury indicted the Ellenwood man on Wednesday on charges relating to both incidents. He is charged with making a false statement, falsely reporting a crime, criminal attempt to commit vehicle theft, possession of meth, and second degree forgery.

Cobb's next court date has not yet been set.