Teen murder suspect to be charged as an adult

By Daniel Silliman


Sixteen-year-old murder suspect, Jeffrey Winslow, Jr., is going to be prosecuted as an adult, according the district attorney's office.

Winslow, formerly a student at Riverdale High School, is facing charges of murder, armed robbery and weapons possession. He allegedly killed 17-year-old Edward Bernard Mills, also known as "Booman," on Oct. 14, after an argument about marijuana.

Winslow attempted to buy $15 of marijuana from Mills, but Mills only had $5 worth and reportedly tried to "short" Winslow, according to Clayton County Detective Thomas Martin.

Mills was shot three or four times with a 9 mm handgun in the parking lot of Williamsburg South Apartments, on Flint River Road in Jonesboro. The shooting occurred around 2 p.m., on a Sunday afternoon.

Clayton County District Attorney Jewel Scott said Friday that her office has decided to prosecute Winslow as an adult, rather than refer the case to juvenile court, because of the nature of the crime.

At Winslow's probable cause hearing two months ago, Detective Martin said the teen was identified and described by witnesses. The 16-year-old's name was not originally known, and the police department used descriptions to release a suspect sketch of a man who was seen running in the area at the time, and the sketch was used to identify Winslow.

None of the witnesses saw the shooting itself, but witnesses have said, according to Martin, they saw Winslow at the scene, saw him with a gun and walking with Mills, heard the shots and saw Winslow running away from the scene.

Martin said the 16-year-old is believed to be a member of the 220 (Second to None) gang, and reportedly wrote lyrics about gang life and shooting people.

Winslow's defense attorney, Leon Hicks, said he has 10 witnesses who will say the teen was at home at the time of the shooting and could not possibly be involved.

"I have people who will say, 'I saw him. I put my hands on him. I know where he was, he was somewhere else,'" Hicks said in November.

One of the defense's witnesses is Winslow's mother.

Winslow's next court date has not been set. Prosecutors expect to bring the case against him to a grand jury for indictment soon.