Ode to a long-time favorite radio station - Curt Yeomans

It was a prank unlike any other. Well, it was at least unlike most.

It was also a prank that was bound to happen.

As I recall, it began when a member of 99X's original Morning X, named Barnes, went on vacation. A co-worker, named Jimmy, called the hotel where the DJ was staying, and had all of the towels removed from Barnes' room.

The pay back was worse, when Jimmy went to New Orleans in the summer of 1997 for "DJ school." Barnes called a New Orleans business to get them to send someone to Jimmy's hotel room to see him before school.

The business was an escort service, and the person sent to Jimmy's room was... well, he was a prostitute. The description Jimmy gave on the radio, after the incident ended, depicted a large, muscle-bound, masculine, gay, black man wearing camouflage hot pants and bearing nipple clamps.

By the way, Jimmy was only wearing a towel when the escort arrived.

It was truly par for the course on The Morning X in the 1990s.

Sadly, the second incarnation of The Morning X, along with the mid-day, The Steve Show, was abruptly taken off the air two weeks ago. The station was scheduled to leave the FM dial all together today at 5:30 a.m. Sister station Q100, currently on the 100.5 FM frequency, will replace 99X on the stronger 99.7 FM frequency.

All that's left of 99X is the station's HD radio channel, and it's web site, both of which will continue to exist.

For everyone who doesn't have HD radio, or doesn't have a lot of time to listen to 99x.com, this is it. No more Silverchair, Modest Mouse, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, The Shins, of The Hives.

To paraphrase a statement from the punk rock band, Green Day, we had the time of our lives.

With the exception of that period where someone at the station thought Eminem's music qualified as rock, 99X played some pretty good stuff.

I have fond memories of listening to the original The Morning X everyday as I got ready for high school. I remember sleeping in and listening to the show during the summers. I remember looking forward to coming home from college, because it meant I got to listen to the station again.

Where else was I going to hear a made-up song called "The White Trash Rap," with lyrics, such as " 'Cuz, I'm white ... and trashy. Ya'll, I'm white ... and trashy," set to the beat of someone playing an electronic drum pad.

Then, there was the Stupid Game, where listeners had to try to keep a total stranger on the phone for at least 60 seconds - while only being allowed to make animal sounds. One time, a guy had to bah like a sheep while trying to keep a gas station attendant on the phone. She was convinced it was some kid named "Maurice," who was supposed to be getting ready for school, and she got angry.

I think the kid was either her son, or younger brother. It was never explained. My guess, however, is "Maurice" had no idea why he got a beating when the gas station attendant got home, because she was promising to give him one.

There were good memories from the second incarnation of The Morning X, too. One that stands out is when a group of fat men, called the Beer Belly Brigade, trying to march down Peachtree Street screaming "Shut Up!" (It was a spoof of Tyra Banks and her Belly Brigade, who went through Los Angeles screaming "So What!") The guys got a few blocks before having to be picked up by a bus.

Another one, which stands out is the White Trash Wedding, complete with blood hounds howling, and people playing pool, during the wedding. A third memory involves Sean Demery trying to learn how to pole dance. Rob Jenners (commonly known as just "Jenners") sounded like he was going to gouge his eyes out from the sight.

99X meant a lot of things, to a lot of people, but the end of it's time on the FM dial means we've all lost a part of the 1990s. As it stands today, there is a hole in the list of six pre-programmed radio spots on my car radio. I don't see any radio station being worthy of filling the gap anytime soon.

Curt Yeomans covers education for the Clayton News Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753, ext. 247 or via e-mail at cyeomans@news-daily.com.