Man allegedly wrote checks from stolen checkbook

By Daniel Silliman


A 29-year-old Jonesboro man has been indicted by a Clayton County grand jury on 34 counts of first-degree forgery.

Steven Darrell McMickens, who turns 30 this month, faces a maximum possible sentence of 340 years in prison, if found guilty.

According to a Clayton County Police report, McMickens, a six-foot-three man, also known as "Coach," came into possession of a personal checkbook, which belonged to 59-year-old Nancy Duncan.

"The checks," according to a warrant written out by Clayton County Police Detective James Hagan, Jr., "had been stolen out of Mrs. Duncan's house in Chamblee."

McMickens allegedly wrote himself checks from Duncan's Wachovia checking account, at regular intervals for five months.

On March 30, for example, he allegedly cashed a forged check for $85. On April 4, according to the indictment, he cashed a forged check for $90, and then, four days later, he cashed another check, written out to himself for $65.

He never wrote a check for the same amount twice in a row, according to court records.

According to the indictment passed down Wednesday, McMickens, "with the intent to defraud, did knowingly possess a certain writing, to wit: a check."

The indictment alleges the first forgery happened on Jan. 1, 2007 and checks continued to be written in Duncan's name and cashed by McMicken until he was arrested on May 25, that same year.

The checks ranged in amount from $30 to $115. When the case was first reported to police, Duncan, who is the executive director for the Georgia ADA Exchange, a disabilities resource group, was missing about $1,405.

The total loss allegedly came out to more than twice that.

According to the arrest warrants filed with Clayton County Magistrate Court, the 29-year-old Jonesboro man would take the checks and cash them at Wachovia banks around the county, including the one on Main Street in Jonesboro, and the one on Jonesboro Road, in Morrow.

McMickens' arraignment is scheduled for next month.