The Regulars Band to play at Nash Farm tonight

By Jason A. Smith


Members of a local band say they are looking forward to playing their songs for Henry County residents at a holiday event for the second year in a row.

The Regulars Band will perform tonight at the Independence Day Festival at Nash Farm in Hampton.

The group is composed of four people who have known each other for most of their lives: brother and sister tandem, Lee and Lindsey Smith, of Rex; guitarist Robbie Croy, and drummer Matt Howard, both of Stockbridge.

The Regulars Band formed three years ago, after winning a talent show at Eagle's Landing High School. Since that time, the members have put together a collection of songs, both covers and originals, to perform at a variety of venues.

Lindsey Smith, 18, who alternates with her brother as lead singer, says the band's music is "hard to classify. It's kind of a vintage rock, mixed with a funk sound."

Lee Smith, who also plays keyboard and bass guitar, agrees, citing musical influences such as Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles and Stevie Wonder.

The band has performed at a number of venues in the metro-Atlanta area. Those bookings include a show last year at the Atlanta Blues Music Festival and the Music in the Park series in Stockbridge.

Lee says that, during its shows, the band strives to pique the interests of people from as many backgrounds as possible. "In our shows, we like to do half covers, and half original songs. If you can get everybody listening to the familiar [songs], they're more likely to listen to your stuff."

The group released an album earlier this year on Tina Lane Records, which is named for the street on which Lee and Lindsey grew up. Lee Smith says the band has been offered record deals in the past, and has worked with engineer, Seth Firkins, who has collaborated with artists including Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and Bon Jovi.

Still, Lee says he and his bandmates have plans of their own, for where they want to go as a group. "We're trying to keep it independent, and possibly get a publishing contract with somebody to push it forward."

The band has also received air play at local radio stations ,including WRAS at Georgia State University. Lee Smith is a senior at the school, and is considering a double-major in film and English.

Lindsey will enter the college in the fall as a freshman, majoring in elementary education. She says although she would like to pursue a career in that field, she and her fellow band members have high aspirations for the group.

"This is what we want our futures to be," says Lindsey. "We want to be famous."

As for today's festival in Hampton, Lindsey says she hopes people in attendance will "cling to the music"

The Regulars Band will perform from 8-9:15 p.m., and will return to the festival stage at the conclusion of a fireworks display at the event.

For more information, or to see a music video from the band, visit www.regularsband.com.