Officer Gossett honored on the job

Special to the Henry Daily Herald

"Just doing my job," were the humble words of McDonough Police Officer Larry Gossett when presented with the Law Enforcement Commendation Award recently by the Sons of the American Revolution.

Gossett was honored for his handling of an incident that happened in April of this year. He was dispatched to a local community in response to a call concerning a small child found walking along the road. The child, approximately one or two years old, had been stopped by a resident, who observed the child walking in front of his house and called the police.

Gossett transported the child to police headquarters and summoned an ambulance to check her for injuries, and also called the Department of Family and Children's Services (DFACS).

Upon discovering the child's home address, Gossett took a photo of the child and departed for that location. The little girl's mother identified the photo and informed Gossett that her daughter had just awakened from a nap, and she thought her daughter was still in the house. Three arrests resulted from this incident, and the child was turned over to DFACS.

McDonough Police Chief Preston Dorsey, and Officer Gossett's immediate supervisor, submitted his name for the Sons of the American Revolution award. Mike Tomme presented the award at police headquarters during a staff assembly to recognize and honor the dedicated officer.

"We [the Sons of the American Revolution] are community based, and we believe we need to give back to the community," Tomme said. "Part of our job is to recognize the policemen, firemen and EMTs for the important job they do. It's important to us to see these officers recognized."

Chief Dorsey said of his officer's performance: "I'm very proud of Officer Gossett and the job he does. This recognition is well deserved."

Gossett humbly responded to all the attention, by saying: "I'm very honored to receive this award," he said. "We take very seriously the responsibility of keeping our citizens safe, especially our children. I was just doing my job."