Visiting Alabama man killed by lightning

By Daniel Silliman


A 23-year-old Alabama man was killed by lightning Sunday, according to the Clayton County Police Department.

Christian A. Miranda-Giron, of Oneonta, Ala., was reportedly staying at his cousin's house at 889 Madison Court in Jonesboro, before going to work in Buford. He had just gotten into town, according to witness statements to police, set down his stuff and walked out back.

Witnesses said they heard what they thought was a shot, and saw Miranda-Giron fall down.

When police arrived, according to the report filed by Officer K. Kearns, Miranda-Giron was lying dead near a small pool, in the rain, his body washed by the water coming off the roof.

"I noticed a thick yellowish substance in his nose, and blood was coming from his nose and left side," Kearns wrote in his report.

The witnesses thought Miranda-Giron was shot, a paramedic thought he might have been knifed, but an autopsy revealed Monday the man had actually been killed by a strike of lightening, according to police.

Woman allegedly caught with stolen Range Rover

Clayton County Police have arrested a 37-year-old woman in connection with a June 24 home invasion.

The woman was allegedly driving the $50,000, silver-colored Range Rover, stolen from a Jonesboro home. She had stolen credit cards in her pocket.

Dawn Marie Dupree, of Hampton, was arrested outside the Tara Boulevard Home Depot on July 1.

She reportedly said the vehicle had been lent to her by a man who wanted to "get with her," and said the credit cards were also given to her.

At the time, police said they were looking for two men, both in their 30s, who allegedly broke into 10739 James Drive, in Jonesboro, with black handguns, and took the Range Rover, some bank cards and credit cards, a 42-inch plasma TV, a DVD player, some clothing, a two-caret diamond ring, $200 diamond earrings, $60 in cash and a couple of cell phones.

One of the suspects was described as having a Northern accent and one had a Southern accent. Though Dupree allegedly said little about the man who allegedly gave her the car, she said he was from New York.

A week after the home invasion, Sgt. W.K. Lee spotted the vehicle driving north on State Route 3, thought it looked like the one listed as stolen, and followed it, according to his police report.

The Range Rover bore the same Illinois license plate as the stolen vehicle, and some of the clothes stolen from the house were found in the back.

Dupree was buying a bag of wood mulch from Home Depot at the time she was arrested.

"I explained to Dupree that the vehicle she was driving was stolen and she was going to have to explain how she came into possession of the vehicle," Lee wrote. "Dupree did not seem at all surprised or upset that the vehicle she was driving was stolen."

Police believe Dupree knew the two men who robbed the Jonesboro house, and think there might be an association between the armed robbers and the victims.

Two die in two holiday motorcycle accidents

In separate accidents, two men died while riding Yamaha motorcycles over the long, holiday weekend.

On July 3, at about 9:30 p.m., Michael Anthony Barberio, a 21-year-old Griffin man who is in the Navy, was killed at the intersection of Tara Boulevard and Lovejoy Road.

Barberio was riding a Yamaha, YFZ 600 and was allegedly speeding south. According to the accident report, the 21-year-old hit the back of a Hampton woman's Honda truck. The woman had a green light, and was turning onto Lovejoy Road, when Barberio entered the intersection.

The 21-year-old was pronounced dead at Southern Regional Medical Center.

On July 4, at about 11:45 p.m., 19-year-old Harry Leslie Nutter, IV, died at the intersection of Pinto Trail and Chestnut Court, one subdivision west of his Jonesboro home.

Nutter was riding a Yamaha YFZ R1 east on Pinto Trail, skidded 121 feet, according to the accident report, and struck the street curb. The motorcycle flipped three times and struck a tree. Nutter was found lying four feet away.

No other vehicles appeared to be involved in the accident.

Nutter was pronounced dead before midnight at Southern Regional Medical Center. According to the police report, he died of massive internal bleeding.

Man held up with own gun

A 83-year-old, legally blind man told Clayton County Police he was set-up, robbed with his own gun, and then given advice.

Leon Graybill Joiner, Sr., of Jonesboro, said a man came up to him outside his house, and "told him his mother was in the hospital and he needed some money," according to the police report, filed by Officer J. Freshwater.

The unidentified man, who said his name was "Timmy," showed Joiner a Polaroid camera and said he was selling it for $10, according to Joiner. The elderly man gave him $20. About a week later, on June 30, at midnight, the 83-year-old heard someone knocking on his door and heard someone say, "It's Timmy. I came to get my camera."

Joiner answered the door with his .357 magnum revolver, according to his statement to police, but then laid the weapon down to go get the camera. "Timmy" then picked up the gun, pointed it at Joiner and said, "Don't do anything. Turn your head and don't do anything."

He allegedly took $130 out of Joiner's wallet and the bullets from the gun. He left the wallet and the gun in a clothes hamper, wiping them down with his shirt.

"Timmy" told Joiner, "Don't ever open the door at night for anyone," and then left.

Joiner did not immediately contact the police, but told his son about the incident the next week. The younger Joiner called 911.

Baskin-Robbins robbed

A 7911 State Route 3 Baskin-Robbins was held up on Saturday, after the ice cream store was closed.

Clayton County Police said the armed robbery occurred at about 10:30 p.m. Shundre Nicole Reed, 25, was working at the store, and she was finished and closed for the day, at the time of the robbery.

She reported that she opened the back door to see if her ride had arrived, but apparently didn't shut it all the way behind her. According to Officer C. Der, the door doesn't lock unless it's "forcibly closed."

A man came through the back door, wearing black pants, a black hoodie with the hood pulled up and black sunglasses. He had a gun, told Reid to sit down and tried to open the cash register. When he couldn't, according to Reid, he ordered her to open it.

Police suspect a man who was fired two weeks ago.

Man hit with shotgun

A 34-year-old Riverdale man reported he was robbed of $1,000 early Sunday morning.

Alejandro M. Cedillo told the Clayton County police he was "sitting in his living room drinking a beer," when he heard a knock on the front door.

Cedillo said all he saw was the outline of two men, and a pump shotgun. He was then hit with the shotgun, Cedillo told police, and went unconscious.

Cedillo said he called police when he woke up. He said he didn't remember anything else and only his wallet was reported stolen.

A cut, over his right eye, was reportedly about the shape and size of a shotgun muzzle.