Hollywood is the capital of the American empire - Curt Yeomans

There was an interesting article I found earlier this week on the Australian news web site, www.news.com.au, about the current linguistic trend Down Under.

It seems teenagers in Australia are starting to shun their own accents for an "American" accent. MTV is cited in the article as one driving force in this new trend.


MTV decided it was not enough to ruin American culture; It now has to go oversees and destroy the cultures of other countries as well.

Now for those of us who actually live in the United States, we know there is no single "American" accent. There are a variety of accents in this large nation of ours, such as the southern accent; the west coast accent; the Midwest accent; the Brooklyn accent; the Boston accent and that funny North Dakota accent everyone used in the movie, "Fargo."

In the article, Professor Roly Sussex, a linguistics expert from the University of Queensland, says Australian phrases, such as "footpath" and "handbrake" have been replaced with the Americanized "sidewalk" and "park brake," respectively.


The American celebrity machine has finally been able to do what George W. Bush has been trying to do for years with little-to-no success -- obliterate another country's culture.

In the fight to build an American empire oversees, it is bleeding heart liberal Hollywood 1, Bush 0.

You see the way one nation crushes and replaces another nation's culture is not through politics, as Bush has been accused of trying to do in the Middle East, but rather through pop culture.

The president of the United States is often called the "Leader of the Free World," or "The Most Powerful Man [or "Woman" in the future] in the World." However, it will ultimately not be the president who overthrows the culture of a foreign country, but it is our own entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry has the means to reach anyone, whether it is through movies, television, radio or the internet. There was a time when Hollywood's influence would have little impact outside of the United States. But, as we move into a global society and cultural borders are blurred, Tinseltown's influence has continually grown.

Those are all areas which the Constitution prevents Bush from controlling (Insert Fox News Channel joke here.).

Essentially, people like Paris Hilton have more influence over the world than Bush has. In fact, for several decades, our pop culture has had a higher level of influence on the world than our nation's chief executive.

Don't believe me?

McDonald's golden arches were in Moscow's Red Square before the Communists fell from power.

Coca-Cola practically owned the planet before the world's younger generations was even born.

It is as if Hollywood, not Washington D.C., is the true capital of the American empire, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are our emperor and empress.

Curt Yeomans covers education for the Clayton News Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753, ext. 247 or via e-mail at cyeomans@news-daily.com.