Police: Man tried to run over officer

By Daniel Silliman


A routine road check turned dangerous when a wanted man felt cornered, according to Forest Park Police.

Michael Lorenzo Lewis, a 27-year-old convicted felony, allegedly tried to run an officer over with a carjacked jeep, during a Thursday night road block.

A uniformed officer was working the road check at the 4100 block of Jonesboro Road, at about 11:30 p.m., when he stopped a red, 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Lt. Amy Wright said the driver "produced a Georgia Driver's license which identified him as 27-year-old Michael Lorenzo Lewis of Altaview Dr., S.E., Atlanta."

The officer, who is not being named by the police department, said the driver matched the license, according to Col. Tommy Orr.

The officer ran a computer check of the Jeep's plate numbers, 7SO2AMZ, and found the 1995 Grand Cherokee was reported stolen in an armed carjacking on Wednesday. The Atlanta Police had put out a BOLO -- "Be On Look Out" -- on the car, roughly 24 hours before Lewis was stopped in the road check on Jonesboro Road.

Many road checks are designed to net drunk drivers and unlicensed drivers, but, Orr said, the Forest Park police also run tag numbers when they have the time.

"We do one or two of these a week," the colonel said. "It helps cut down on the crime, and we do it because there are so many stolen vehicles in the metro Atlanta area."

Lewis, apparently seeing the officer radio in the plate numbers, allegedly "put the vehicle in drive and steered aggressively toward where the officer was standing."

The officer ran and dove out of the way, twisting an ankle.

This is the second time this year a Clayton County officer has reportedly been threatened with a vehicle. In May, a man allegedly fleeing from a shoe store break-in, in Riverdale, smashed a Ford station wagon into a police cruiser and was shot five times. Three officers at the Clayton County Police Department are facing a grand jury indictment in a fatal shooting involving similar circumstances, where a suspect allegedly attempted to flee and crashed into a police officer in the process.

Lewis left his driver's license behind, at the scene, in Forest Park, but got away and, as of Friday, was reportedly still running from police.

According to the Forest Park Police Department, Lewis has a long criminal record, including felony convictions for weapons possession, drug possession and obstruction of justice.