Riverdale teen now charged with murder

By Daniel Silliman


Police don't believe Alan Michael Hudson killed anyone, but the 17-year-old is being held on charges of murder.

Hudson was arrested last week, after a home invasion on Mustang Lane in Riverdale left 30-year-old Anthony Wroten mortally wounded.

According to warrants taken out by Riverdale Police Department investigators, Hudson kicked down a door of the Mustang Lane house in the early evening on Wednesday, July 23.

"In concert with another," reported Investigator M.R. Tarrant in a warrant application, the "accused forcefully entered the residence by kicking in Wroten's back door to rob him, and witnessed Wroten get shot to death by his [Hudson's] accomplice."

Wroten was reportedly shot repeatedly during the robbery, and died later from his wounds.

Police have not named Hudson's accomplice, the suspected shooter, and it doesn't appear from court documents that they've identified a suspect. The department spokesman did not return calls seeking comment.

Hudson was out on a $15,000 bond at the time of the break-in, and allegedly confessed he'd been at the Mustang Lane house to rob it. He lives a few neighborhoods away on Horseshoe Bend, with his mother, where he allegedly threatened to "kill everyone in the house," back in February.

Hudson's younger sister turned down the music he was listening to, according to warrants filed by Officer D. Lomax, and he allegedly turned violent.

"He became very angry, then turned and flipped over furniture throughout the house," Lomax reported. The 17-year-old supposedly grabbed a kitchen knife and threatened his family.

Hudson, who turns 18 in September, is now facing more than a half dozen felony charges, ranging from terroristic threats to armed robbery to murder. He is next scheduled to appear in court in August.