Wanted: Wig-wearing motel robber

By Daniel Silliman


Jonesboro police have warrants for the arrest of a 21-year-old in connection with a Monday morning motel robbery.

Detectives are looking for Victor Debruhl, who allegedly wore a woman's strawberry-blonde wig into the Savannah Suites on Tara Boulevard, and stole $275.

He was identified from a photographic line-up by an eye witness, according to Detective Sgt. Tim Jessup.

"He's from right around here, and he's been in and out of the Clayton County jail," Jessup said. "If anybody sees him or knows where he is, they need to call us, the sheriff or somebody."

Debruhl allegedly took the drawer out of the cash register from the lobby of the extended-stay motel, and left with the money in a garbage bag.

The armed robber was chased by an Iraq war veteran, who was carrying a licensed pistol, and shot at the escaping suspect.

On Tuesday, the Clayton News Daily incorrectly reported that the armed suspect dropped the money, but Jessup said Debruhl, who has a criminal record for robbery, got away with the cash.

Police believe the 21-year-old may be connected to a number of other area robberies, including the March hold-up of the same motel.

On a Friday morning, a man walked into the office with a gun and demanded money, but was met with a fight when the clerk on duty, a retired Marine, threw a lamp at the would-be robber.

The Marine, Roger Vicks, was shot several times during the struggle.

Investigation of that incident has not led to an arrest, or even an identified suspect, and Jessup hopes the hold-up on Monday can be connected, clearing both hold-ups.

Anyone with information about Debruhl or either Savannah Suites robbery, is asked to call the Jonesboro Police Department at (770) 478-7407.