News for Friday, July 4, 2008


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Oh America, why so unhappy - Curt Yeomans

The United States is only No. 16 in the world -- out of 97 nations -- when it comes to happiness, according to the New World Values Survey.

Teen joins Frank Ski Kids for Amazon trek

By Joel Hall

School officials prefer new accountability plan

By Johnny Jackson

You can't have one without the other - Ronda Rich

Once, when I was young and love had broken my heart for the first time, I thought I would never recover from the agony resulting when the bliss had been sucker punched and sent packing.

Man allegedly wrote checks from stolen checkbook

By Daniel Silliman

The Regulars Band to play at Nash Farm tonight

By Jason A. Smith

McDonough man dies in apparent marina accident

By Jason A. Smith

Braves call up Perry for debut

By Doug Gorman